Swirl ‘Studio’ Print Frog® Glass Baren™

Swirl ‘Studio’ Print Frog® Glass Baren™

NEW ITEM! Swirl' Studio' Print Frog® Glass Baren™. It's a one-of-a-kind hand-blown recycled glass baren tool from Iron Frog Press. Unique 'Studio' model with a little something extra inside the glass.


♥ A favorite printmaking baren. It is the original go-to glass baren tool preferred by students, teachers, artists, universities, and print shops worldwide. The Print Frog® is an innovative, high-performance glass baren for efficiently printing without a press. An extremely versatile printmaking tool.


The glass is beautiful, but it posses so many other properties that make it the ideal hand printing device. It's smooth, dense, and glides across the paper so nicely that a 4-year old can quickly master it. Glass is impervious to all inks, chemicals, and solvents easily clean off. Works great for printing large and small relief prints without a press. For small to medium size blocks, some prefer it to printing with a press. Matt needed to design an ergonomic handle for himself. Hand and shoulder fatigue made hand printing a painful process. A comfortable grip is one of the features that has made it possible for Matt to continue to handprint. It can print all types of relief, intaglio, intaglio printmaking with glass, warped, and damaged blocks. Some users have given reports of it working on bleed-edge lithography too.


As well as printing, it can be useful in paper-making, for chine-collé, heavy folding paper, tagging paper for registration, and anywhere you need an extremely clean weight. It effortlessly prints on mulberry and Kozo type papers and will work on various substrates such as heavy etching paper, vellum, copy paper, transparent silk, and more.


The Print Frog glass baren has allowed Matt Bagley to contribute to the advancement of printmaking. It encourages printmakers to continue their craft because you can set up a print shop anywhere. Setting up a small, low-cost home studio or travel print shop is now feasible. Due to its versatility, it's quickly known worldwide as an indispensable tool in any print shop.


The Print Frog glass baren tool (first est. 2013) is the original concept/design/creation/invention of Matt Bagley, the master printer at Iron Frog Press. 'Studio' models are made of recycled glass and are hand-blown by IFP's glass shop in Dallas, TX. Batches may vary slightly in size, shape due to being a handmade product. 


*Please NEVER use our glass barens to grind paint pigment. Our products are for printmaking, folding paper, weighing down the paper, etc.

** Not recommended for use with encaustic monoprinting.

  • "Return Policy"

    We are happy to replace the glass baren if it arrives broken, cracked, or we shipped the wrong item. Please contact us within 24 hrs. of the Print Frog's arrival.

  • "Details"

    ‘Studio’ models are made of recycled glass and are hand-blown by IFP’s glass shop in Dallas, TX. Batches may vary slightly in size, shape & color due to being a handmade product.
    | Weight approx. 2 lbs. | Size approx. 4" D x 2.125" D x 3.5" H | Box Size 4" x 4" x 4"

  • "Use and Benefits of Print Frog® Glass Baren™"

    The 'Pro' and  'Studio' models are both outstanding for block printing. The 'Studio' model is best for printing fabric, wood grain, damaged blocks, and delicate detail. The 'Pro' is ideal for printing large blocks, large editions, and mono-printing, including encaustic.
    ✪ High-performance glass baren
    ✪ Resists all ink, chemicals, and solvents
    ✪ Easy to clean
    ✪ An ergonomic handle
    ✪ Graceful organic radius edge
    ✪ Works on a variety of substrates
    ✪ Handmade in Texas

  • "Refunds"

    If the item is damaged or it's the wrong item, we are happy to exchange it.



The Print Frog® Glass Baren™ is a registered and trademark of Iron Frog Press.